What are the Benefits of EMDR Therapy?

Are you living with trauma, anxiety, or fear? Do you have guilt or emotional baggage that you have been incapable of releasing? Living with this kind of trauma or emotional grief can lead to a life filled with struggle, strife, and complication. If you are looking for a healing step that you can take to address these issues, EMDR Therapy at Mind and Body Counseling Associates may be the solution for you. Here at Mind and Body Counseling Associates, we believe in offering fully-tailored therapy to those in need. Let's explore the benefits of EMDR therapy with the best therapist in Reno, NV!

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR Therapy) is a therapeutic treatment that seeks to relieve the individual from emotional baggage, guilt, fear, and other trauma. This process is time-tested and proven to be effective for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and trauma types. EMDR therapy is an effective though complex process that involves exposure therapy intermingled with a special guided therapeutic process grounded in eye movements. These eye movements will often be used in conjunction with taps and other movements while you reflect on targeted memories.

While EMDR therapy sounds out of this world, the process is grounded in science and proven effective across the board. This complex process must first start with a simple consultation whereupon you will discuss your history and treatment with a therapist in Reno, NV. During this meeting, you and your professional therapist will discuss the memories and traumas that are inhibiting your life. Once this process is done, you will explore EMDR therapy in full with one of our decorated professionals such as Cindy Engel, LCSW, or Nicole Byrne, LMFT.

The road to a better and healthier life is before you. Call Mind and Body Counseling Associates today to explore the therapy that you need to succeed!