EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is a powerful approach to psychotherapy that promotes accelerated healing from emotional distress. It is helpful for people who have experienced trauma, anxiety, fears, disturbing memories, unrelenting grief, guilt and other emotional problems.


EMDR is based on the premise that specific experiences from the past continue to affect people in the present. Through a complex process that addresses the mind, body and emotions simultaneously, EMDR facilitates the processing of disturbing information that was held in the nervous system. Through the processing of these earlier experiences, appropriate cognitive and emotional connections are made, adaptive behaviors spontaneously emerge, along with insights and positive self-concepts. Excess negative emotions, distorted self-beliefs and uncomfortable physical body sensations are reduced.


Furthermore, people gain the ability to learn what was useful from their past experiences, integrate more positive beliefs about themselves, and generally experience increased feelings of peace and psychological well-being.

We are lucky to have several providers at Mind and Body Counseling Associates who are trained in EMDR therapy. These therapists include Annie Fuller, LCPC, Ciara Hayes, CPC-I, Cindy Engel, LCSW, Jennifer Hinton, LCSW, Jim Freeland, LCSW, Raquel Atkins, CPC-I, and Victoria Richards, LCSW. If you are interested in EMDR therapy please call the office and ask to schedule an appointment for EMDR therapy.