Exploring Cognitive Behavioral Therapy With Mind and Body Associates Counseling.

Mental health is a field that has only recently been properly explored. For years, mental health struggles have been put on the back burner thanks to a social stigma that has made them impossible to discuss. Only now are we beginning to accept the importance of mental health through cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy practices. Here at Mind and Body Counseling, we believe that therapeutic treatment can lead our clients toward a proper understanding of the problems that they are facing. As with all things, knowledge is power. Let us look into the world of CBT and DBT therapy to see if it is right for you.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of talk therapy that teaches you to look through your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings as well as their relationship with one another. By understanding how these different areas connect, you can use cognitive behavioral therapy to properly understand, diagnose, and address your own mental health failings. CBT is a proven form of therapy that can work for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and even eating disorders. CBT therapy can be used in both short-term and long-term formats to address goal-oriented solutions.

Dialectical behavioral therapy is another form of talk-therapy that focuses more on emotions and social connections. DBT was developed to aid clients that are struggling with unstable, harmful, and potentially extreme emotions. This treatment path is based on evidence that shows how we can regulate our emotions. DBT therapy includes frequent meetings with your therapist as well as potential group therapy sessions.

Understanding your inner emotional turmoil is all about finding the right tools for the job. Mind and Body Counseling Associates endeavors to connect you with the mental health professional that most exceptionally matches your needs. If you are ready to begin down the road to recovery, call our team today!